‘Stop Lying! Stop Digging’: Scarborough Slams Hillary’s Defense of Her Private Server

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.34.07 PMMSNBC’S Joe Scarborough really tore into Hillary Clinton this morning for pretending all is well after being caught in an audited violation of State Department email policy.

Scarborough cycled through numerous reports and interviews of Clinton, pointing to how she insisted for months that she was allowed to have a private server and that there was no criminal wrongdoing. The panel also made note about how the development will only make her seem even more untrustworthy, and validate many of the slams Donald Trump has launched against her for being “Crooked.”

Scarborough eventually acknowledged how the mogul’s been caught in flip-flops and contradicting lies of his own, but that the trust question runs much deeper for Clinton when her scandal rocked her entire department and risked endangering national security.

Scarborough finished things off by taking Clinton’s campaign to task for asserting that the revelation won’t change anything even as her opponents continue to push “false theories”.

“I don’t understand why you put out a statement like that,” Scarborough ranted. “Stop digging! Stop digging. I screwed up. I’m terribly sorry. I hope the American people will forgive me and I hope they will let us move onto the issues that matter. Stop lying. Stop digging.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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