Stormy Daniels Demonstrates on Jimmy Kimmel How She Spanked Donald Trump


On Tuesday night, Stormy Daniels sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and dished about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

Promoting her new book Full Disclosure, Stormy began by explaining how she met Trump and that he invited her to dinner, which she thought would be at a restaurant that turned out to be his hotel room. According to the porn star, Trump was wearing black silky pajamas she assumed he was “channeling” Hugh Hefner, but “significantly less sexy.” She noted that she made him change his clothes.

“He followed orders much better back then,” Stormy told Kimmel.

“I don’t know,” Kimmel responded.  “I think maybe you could still order him around a little bit.”

“I’d have to speak in Russian though,” Stormy quipped, causing the audience to roar in approval.

Stormy blasted the president, saying he “lied” to her about having dinner, which was why she “stayed and held out for so long.”

The conversation then pivoted to the magazine that she supposedly spanked Trump. And Kimmel wanted some specifics.

“When you spank Donald Trump… is he like leaning forward and going like ‘Ugh,’ you know?” Kimmel asked.

“Want me to show you?” Stormy replied.

“Yeah, I would love you to show me,” Kimmel said.

“Stand up!” Stormy ordered the talk show host.

After mounting pressure from Stormy and the audience, Kimmel finally caved and pretended to be Donald Trump and Stormy took her hardcover book and spanked him.

“Please God, let him be watching this right now,” Kimmel prayed.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.

[image via screengrab]

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