Stormy Daniels Lawyer Says ‘She Can Describe the President’s Genitalia in Great Detail’


A storm is still brewing over President Donald Trump’s White House.

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer to porn star Stephanie Clifford (better known as Stormy Daniels), said in a Wednesday interview with Megyn Kelly Today that his client has a whole lot more to say about her alleged affair with the president.

The interview arrived after a 60 Minutes segment featuring Clifford in March, in which she described her interactions with Trump and claimed to have sex with the president shortly after the birth of his youngest son. In the segment, host Anderson Cooper focused largely on the timeline of events, as well as the threat she said she received in the parking lot of a fitness class while in the midst of sharing her story on Trump with a tabloid magazine years before the election.

Apparently, there’s a lot left to be told about the affair.

“When she sat for that interview, it actually lasted over two hours in length … the portion that the American public saw was only about 14 or 16 minutes,” Avenatti said Wednesday. “CBS, they’re a conservative network. There’s a lot of information that was said that did not make it into the final 60 Minutes piece.”

“For instance, she can describe the president’s genitalia in great detail, that did not make it into the piece,” he added.

Host Megyn Kelly had a rather visible reaction to hearing that.

Kelly grilled Avenatti on Wednesday about the hush agreement. It remains unclear what additional information or material Avenatti or his client may have against Trump, as well as whether or not there is photo or video documentation of their interactions.

Watch a clip of the interview above, via NBC.

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