Stossel Bluntly Tells O’Reilly: Your Colmes Outburst Was ‘Obnoxious’ And ‘Out Of Line’

Immediately following Bill O’Reilly‘s Tuesday night outburst against Alan Colmes, John Stossel weighed in by bluntly telling the Fox host that his actions were “out of line” and “obnoxious.”

“I’m still feeling bad about Colmes,” O’Reilly said after introducing Stossel for a segment on environmentalism.

“Good. You were out of line,” Stossel said.

“I wasn’t out of line,” O’Reilly responded matter-of-factly. “I was maybe out of line with my tone, but not with the facts of the matter.”

In the previous segment, the Factor host blew up on Colmes when the liberal contributor was unable to name any of Obama’s “specific” cuts. O’Reilly reaffirmed his own beliefs by asking Stossel (disclosure: my former boss) whether it’s true the president has not named specific, “solid” cuts to any programs.

The libertarian FBN host agreed, noting that “Sequester cuts aren’t even cuts. Spending’s going up.”

“So the truth is on my side,” O’Reilly replied. “It’s just that I probably didn’t frame it with Colmes.”

“You were obnoxious,” Stossel said without hesitation. The off-camera stage crew can be heard laughing in the background.

O’Reilly said he is willing to “accept” that he was “over the top,” prompting Stossel to joke that he’s glad his colleague used up his anger on Colmes, as opposed to taking it out him.

Watch below, via Fox:

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