Stossel Interviews Fox News Channel’s Personalities About Their First Jobs


Fox Business Network’s John Stossel broadcast interviews with many of Fox News’ personalities and contributors talking about their first jobs. Below is a list of each Fox News personality discussing their childhood occupations.

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Geraldo Rivera: “Long Island Press delivery boy.”

Anna Kooiman: “Newspaper girl.”

Karl Rove: “I was delivering papers when I was 11 or 12.”

Lou Dobbs: “My job was to clean up the parking lot of the Dairy Queen.”

Sean Hannity: “I was washing dishes Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

Glenn Beck: “I was 8-years-old – I worked at my father’s bakery. I washed the pots and pans, I cleaned the floors. I don’t even think I got paid.”

Andrea Tantaros: “My job was working at my family’s restaurant at a very young age. They started me at 8-years-old cleaning the tables and then I was promoted to hostess and then promoted to waitress.”

Sarah Palin: “[I was] going around town, asking business owners if they would pay me to sweep their sidewalks and their parking lots.”

Jon Scott: “My first job was mowing lawns at the University of Denver for the princely sum of $1.15 an hour.”

Greta Van Susteren: My first job was in the back room of a dairy in Appleton, Wisconsin. And I had the job of getting all the coins from the cash register and putting all the pennies in those paper rolls.”

Bill Hemmer: “Working school nights till 2 a.m. And my mom would pick me up at two in the morning and she was raising five kids – not just me. And, the third night this happened she said, ‘Billy, you need to find another job.”

Shannon Bream: “I had a little scraper tool and I had to go around to every pane of glass after they were painted and scrape off any glue, any paint that was left on there.

Charles Payne: “[Working in a store in Harlem, New York] you did the store, you did the register, but I was in a location where you had to also be a security guard as well.”

Bob Beckel: “I was a garbage man.”

Mike Huckabee: “I can’t believe that they gave me the key to a radio station and let me open up, sign it on on the air and, you know, do everything from news to sports to disk jockey.”

Charles Krauthammer: “First job I had was between the ages of 16 and 20, when I worked the summers as a sailing instructor at a day camp. What it taught me was when you are doing a job that you would do for nothing, will actually pay you. And when they’re offering it, don’t object.”

Stuart Varney: “[Working in a double decker bus in London] taught me a lot. How do you work with drunks? I learned how to do that.”

Nick Gillespie: “I worked as a page in my hometown library in Middletown, New Jersey.”

Shepard Smith: “I was 13-years-old and I went to work at Tyson’s Drug Store, and you’re not supposed to drive at 13 – you may have heard about that. But at the time – at 14-and-a half in Mississippi – you could get your driver’s license.”

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