Straight Chilling: Homeowner Returns To Find Intruder Smoking, Watching TV In His House

A Florida man came home from quickly dropping off his child at daycare to find a strange person basically chilling all up in his house, watching television after having left a cigarette on the porch.

And, if that isn’t startling or aggravating enough, the man’s fiancée had been home, taking a shower. The man pushed the stranger out of his way to check to see if his fiancée was harmed, and the “bandit” took off running, as bandits are wont to do.

The intruder didn’t take or break anything, but the experience was enough to prompt the couple to want to leave the neighborhood.

Mmm hmm. You can be sure that if I were to come home and find a strange person making herself at home while my boyfriend was in the shower, I would jump to a conclusion faster than you can ask “WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ANIMAL PLANET IN MY HOUSE?”

Anyway! Watch a segment on the intruder, courtesy of

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