‘Straight-Up Misogyny’: Fox Panel Rips Trump, Supporters for Nasty Megyn Comments

mediabuzzOn Fox’s MediaBuzz this morning, Howard Kurtz brought up the troubling amount of online abuse Megyn Kelly has received from Donald Trump supporters.

But Trump isn’t exactly off the hook here. Mercedes Schlapp pointed out how Trump has repeatedly retweeted people calling Kelly a bimbo. She pointed out that Trump would certainly not like it if people made nasty comments like that about his wife and daughters.

Kirsten Powers, meanwhile, called this “pure, straight-up misogyny” (pointing out, in fairness, that it comes from the left too).

But the reason she blames Trump in part of this is because Trump “calls her a lightweight, which is like another word for bimbo,” and essentially “he’s letting people know that this is what I want people to think about her.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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