Strange Minnesota Campaign Ad Isn’t Just Selling a Candidate…

Everyone likes to talk about Congress as being owned by various corporations and industries, but it’s easy to forget that many of these people come from small towns with small companies that can just as easily own somebody. Case in point, a bizarre new Minnesota commercial doubles as both a campaign ad for Tom Emmer and a commercial for Integrity Exteriors & Remodelers, Inc.

In the 30-second ad, Emmer the only campaign-related statement Emmer makes is “Hi, my name is Tom Emmer, and I’m running for Congress in Minnesota’s 6th congressional district.” This is followed up by Emmer telling voters they need to go to Integrity for all their home remodeling needs.

Let’s just hope this is a one-off thing, otherwise in about a year we may be seeing “Hi, I’m Harry Reid, and here’s why Ensure is right for you.”

Watch the video below:

[photo via screengrab]

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