Strangest Send-Off Ever? Mark Wahlberg Kisses Harry Smith’s Feet On CBS’ Early Show

It’s tough to say goodbye. And the departing co-host of CBS’ long-suffering and ratings-challenged Early Show, Harry Smith, has been getting a lot of nice farewells and attaboys as he wraps up service on the morning shift.

But today? Um…where do we begin? Maybe it’s best just to get right to it.

Mark Wahlberg kissed Harry Smith’s feet. On live national television. The actor, who apparently thinks Smith is “the best, ever,” concluded his interview by dropping to the floor to get right up on Smith’s hush puppies. There were also a couple of hugs, but after kissing a guy’s feet, hugs just seem so darn routine, you know?

At any rate, here it is–very likely going viral in foot fetish circles as we speak, from CBS:

This really raises the stakes for other noteworthy farewell-bound TV hosts. What will Larry King have to do, kiss some actor dude on the lips? Oh, wait… nevermind.

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