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Stylish Monkey Tries To Shop At Ikea, Becomes Internet Sensation

A stylishly-dressed seven-month-old monkey is making headlines across the internet for trying to do a little holiday furniture shopping. The monkey, wearing a tan wool coat and diaper, was spotted by Toronto Ikea shoppers around 2 P.M. Sunday afternoon. He ran across the parking lot of the store and quickly began making news.

Bronwyn Page was one of the shoppers to spot the little primate, after a crowd began gathering around it. She called the sighting “bizarre” and said she was thinking, “Why is there a monkey at Ikea? I never expected to see that.”

Page told Reuters that shoppers initially thought it was a “fake toy monkey” but quickly realized otherwise. She said people were trying to call the monkey towards them, but “it was really scared” and “seemed nervous.” Apparently, “it was doing some monkey screaming,” making what Page called “jungle noises.” Ikea staff contacted animal control and kept the scared monkey confined until they arrived an hour later. The monkey’s owners eventually retrieved him but police were impressed with the little guy’s hijinks, with one spokesperson saying, “It’s a smart monkey.”

Page took a few photos which she immediately posted on the internet. She never expected all the hype, saying, “I thought maybe this is newsworthy, but I didn’t think it was gonna be such a big deal.” She was wrong, however, as the story was quickly picked up by outlets like The Daily Beast, The Atlantic Wire, Gawker and several others.

Watch the clip below, via Reuters:

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