‘Such a Cop-Out!’ Mary Katharine Ham Calls Out Harlan Hill for Blaming Congress on Trump’s Issues


With reports that the White House is paralyzed as they deal with in-fighting, chaos, and the inability to deal with the barrage of bad news related to the Russia investigation, CNN convened a panel this afternoon to talk about it all. And things got feisty right off the bat.

Harlan Hill, a Trump supporter and political strategist who says he’s close to the West Wing, started things off by denying that the administration is paralyzed, stating that the president is ready to sign bills related to health care and tax reform. When confronted by Sen. John McCain‘s recent comments to CNN about the Russia cloud and Trump’s continued focus on the probe, Hill went off on McCain.

“That is an excuse from an establishment Republican that has never liked President Donald Trump,” Hill exclaimed. “That’s what this is about. John McCain hasn’t had a positive thing to say about this president in God knows how long.”

CNN political commentator and Federalist writer Mary Katharine Ham pushed back on Hill’s assertions, pointing out that “right of center” voters would have never accepted the excuse from President Obama that he couldn’t get anything done because of Congress.

After Hill complained that Trump can’t “write legislation,” Ham shot back, telling him that it “is such a cop-out” to say that, especially since Trump “touts himself as the greatest manager who is able to bring people together, who is able to make deals.”

There would be more fights along the way, as liberal political commentator Angela Rye tussled with Hill over his brushing off of Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer. As he claimed it was something that wasn’t criminal and stated that Trump Jr. explained himself during his Hannity interview, things got heated to the point where Rye demanded that Hill “chill out.”

Watch the whole segment above, via CNN.

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