Summer Of Gutfeld? Strong Ratings For Both Red Eye And The Five

Greg Gutfeld has been having a pretty good summer.

For one, Red Eye had its second highest delivery ever (following September 2009) for P2+ and adults age 25 to 54. The 3 a.m. show is also up 43 percent in viewers age 25 – 54 and 40 percent in total viewers compared to this time last year, beating out several daytime programs on rival networks. Here are some of the bigger shows that Gutfeld/Red Eye beats: CNN’s John King USA and American Morning and MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan and Andrea Mitchell.

Gutfeld’s The Five is also faring well. While the show did experience a 28 percent drop in P2+ and a 29 percent decline in viewers between 25 and 54 compared to how the 5 p.m. slot fared this time last year, the show is nonetheless going strong, beating out both CNN and MSNBC combined in that time slot and remaining a top 10 cable news program. Plus? The show has held onto over two thirds of its audience throughout its rotating lineup of various hosts. Viewers are evidently also sticking around to watch Bret Baier at 6 p.m., making him #3 in cable news shows.

The show is also a hit with advertisers, drawing in more for the time slot than Glenn Beck‘s former 5 p.m. show.

And sure, fine, maybe it’s not because of Gutfeld. At least ten percent of The Five‘s success is directly attributable to Bob Beckel and his tendency to be… somewhat provocative.

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