Summerslam! Biggest Cable News Personalities Meet Their Professional Wrestling Look-Alikes!

With World Wrestling Entertainment’s SummerSlam this Sunday night on Pay-Per-View, it seemed like an appropriate time to realize that the primetime cable news universe can often resemble the world of professional wrestling. With various hosts often feuding with one another, and frequently giving passionate “promos” regarding why their network or their show is the best, it’s time now to recognize who each host actually is inspired by in the WWE and then to pit the oversized personalities of cable news up against one another in a no-holds barred showdown!

Today you will learn which wrestlers are the “look-alikes” for every primetime cable host. Tomorrow, the fantasy match-ups will take place in order to crown one “King of the Ring” and to determine who is the most dominant talk show host in all of sports entertainment!

The Four Matches Between Timeslot Competitors:
Match 1 –> Chris Matthews vs. Shep Smith vs. John King vs. Jane Velez-Mitchell
Match 2 –> Lawrence O’Donnell vs. Bill O’Reilly vs. Wolf Blitzer (pinch hitting) vs. Nancy Grace
Match 3 –> Rachel Maddow vs. Sean Hannity vs. Piers Morgan vs. Dr. Drew Pinsky
Match 4 –> Ed Schultz vs. Greta Van Susteren vs. Anderson Cooper vs. Joy Behar

Check out who each of the cable news hosts most resembles from the history of professional wrestling, along with a description explaining the connection below each picture. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

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