Sununu Dismisses NH Poll Showing 15-Point Deficit For Romney: ‘You Know It’s A Piece Of Garbage’

Romney supporter and former New Hampshire governor John Sununu appeared on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown on Tuesday, where he told host Chuck Todd that he doesn’t expect tomorrow night’s debate between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama to be as “aggressive” as some pundits are making it out to be, but he does expect “the content to be pointed and sharp and specific, and I think you can go into combat without having to raise the decibels too much.”

As for the “fluidity,” as Todd put it, of Romney’s numbers versus the stagnation of Obama’s, Sununu felt that a lot can happen in the next five weeks, including the presidential debates and millions more to be spent on political ads. In fact, he sees a close parallel between this race and that between Carter and Reagan.

Later, Todd asked Sununu about a new New Hampshire poll showing a 15-point deficit for Mitt Romney. “I’m guessing you’ll argue with some parts,” said the host.

“I’m not going to argue with it at all,” said Sununu before asking, “Chuck, do you really believe it’s right? Let me test your political wisdom. Do you think it’s possible for that to be right? No, you know it’s a piece of garbage.” Mitt Romney will win New Hampshire by “two to three points,” he insisted.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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