Sununu and Camerota Duke it Out: ‘Is That a Swipe, Governor?’

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu joined Alisyn Camerota to discuss the recent bombshell news that a special counsel is investigating President Trump for possible obstruction of justice.

Sununu used the bulk of the interview to defend the President and take a few shots at the biased media.

“Should the White House know if the president himself is being investigated for obstruction of justice”, Camerota asked Sununu.

“If the president is being investigated for obstruction of justice, the White House should have been officially notified and Sekulow is telling you that hasn’t happened. I think we have to take that at face value until we hear otherwise”, Sununu replied.

“You don’t think that the reports are accurate that the president is under investigation by Bob Mueller for obstruction of justice”, Camerota asked.

Sununu used that opportunity to take his first shot at the press.

“That all came from ‘The Washington Post’. We remember what Ben Bradlee the iconic editor of “The Washington Post” used to say about “The Post”? It doesn’t print the truth. It prints what we’re told. Somebody told them that and they chose to print it,” Sununu said.

At one point Camerota pointed out how critical Sununu had been of the President in the past saying, “I understand but you said he’s a man with no philosophy, no plan, no experience, and no understanding.”

Sununu defended his past stance by claiming, “That was correct and between then and now he has developed an agenda, a commitment to a Republican agenda in Congress. He has done things on foreign policy that have been significant and positive. As he continues to do the things that fit what I that think ought to be done, I’ll continue to support him.”

Sununu then used the opportunity to take another shot at the media.

“I think he has a much better understanding, including how difficult it is to deal in Washington with a vindictive and frustrating media”, he said

“Is that a swipe, governor” Camerota replied.

“Yeah, it is a swipe at the media. You guys are fixated on an investigation that still has no clearly defined commitment of something wrong until the process. And you dwell on the fact that Mueller has an investigation going without pointing out to people that both of those can still be consistent and that the president’s tweets and what Sekulow said can have a consistency with them.”

It’s not the first time these foes have fought on the set of New Day. 

Click here for Round One — which went to Sununu

Click here for Round Two — which went to Camerota

We think Round Three was a draw.

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