Super Bowl Ad Reveals: Mr. Peanut Isn’t Dead, He’s Just Been Reincarnated as Baby Yoda


Planters Peanuts concluded one of the more unusual Super Bowl ad campaigns tonight, revealing the fate of Mr. Peanut in a new commercial (video above). The company made headlines earlier this month with their unusual marketing strategy of killing off their longtime spokeslegume. The dapper peanut met his demise in a teaser video posted on YouTube in which Mr. Peanut sacrificed himself to save Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh.

Tonight’s ad showed Mr. Peanut’s funeral, attended by fellow commercial product mascots like Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man. It was the punch pitcher’s tears falling on the freshly dug grave that caused a new little peanut plant to sprout, and then an adorable baby peanut emerged. The new Planters rep, which the company has tagged #BabyNut, features the top hat and spats of his predecessor, but no monocle needed on his big baby eyes.

The new lil’ peanut is unquestionably cute, and it stands to reason that Planters saw the frenzy caused by Disney’s Baby Yoda character featured in The Mandalorian, and Baby Groot, who went through his own rebirth as a new baby plant at the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and so sought to update their mascot with a new, more adorably marketable version.

Watch the video, above.

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