Sure, Some People Don’t Like Donald Trump, But Eric Bolling Thinks He ‘Represents The New GOP’


It looks like today was our bi-monthly Everyone Talk About Donald Trump For Some Reason Day, a special day that we’ve gotten to celebrate every couple of weeks for the past few years. However, unfortunately for our favorite reality show star/occasional presidential candidate, most of this coverage hasn’t been that great. In fact, a lot of people on TV (and on this website) have been proposing the idea that Trump might not be the best thing for Mitt Romney’s campaign. Fortunately, we’ve got some of The Five to help him out, explaining why the Donald is actually the best thing to happen to the GOP since the deregulation of the sliced bread industry.

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Trump is, of course, a good friend of The Five (as well as guest host Brian Kilmeade’s regular gig). In fact, he’s so chummy that he apparently used to call the hosts at night to give them notes on their coverage. So it’s not surprising that they’re fond of the guy. So, for all of you Trump Super Fans out there, here are some of their most positive quotes than you can use in your own Trump defenses.

For the full Five experience, after reading each one of these, imagine Bob Beckel either scoffing, laughing out loud, or looking more and more like his head is going to explode.

  • BRIAN KILMEADE: “He brings power, pizazz with a great delivery … He’s an American icon!”
  • ERIC BOLLING: “You know what Donald Trump represents? He represents a new Republican, a new GOP, a new conservative, where it’s not the old, established, George Will, boring out of their mind, bored out of your mind listening to him in Washington. He wakes people up.”
  • ANDREA TANTAROS: “Donald Trump may be a multi-millionaire but he doesn’t come off as snobby. He connects with the modern man.”
  • ERIC BOLLING: “How about a guy who is successful? How about a guy who unites? Listen, I’m not here to pump up Trump’s ego. I’m simply saying the guy goes out there, he worked hard, he succeeded, he was bankrupt at one point. Came back, pulled himself up.”
  • BRIAN KILMEADE: “I’ll say this about Donald Trump. I judge people by how they treat people they need nothing from. He treats his audio guy, his secretary, the cab driver the same way. It’s not an act. He’s a blue collar guy who became a billionaire … He has a blue collar approach to life.”

Man, I am really glad Beckel didn’t have a full on heart attack when Kilmeade broke out that “blue collar” comment.

Watch the segment from Fox News below:

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