Surprise! Bill Kristol Thinks Obama Should ‘Get in Big’ in Iraq


It really does seem that when it comes to bombings abroad, too much is never enough for Bill Kristol. And so it should come as no surprise that despite President Barack Obama announcing airstrikes against ISIS forces in Iraq, our pundit extraordinaire believes he should go further and “get in big” over there.

During a discussion of the “limited airstrikes” authorized by the president in an attempt to protect Iraqi civilians in a mountainous region from the forward march of ISIS rebels, Kristol and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough agreed that something must be done.

“If you’re going to get in, get in big and get in decisively now,” Kristol said. “If you go in incrementally, in this way, you don’t have the effect you want to have on ISIS; you don’t have the effect you want to have on bolstering your allies; you don’t have the effect you want to have in the region.”

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Co-panelist Mike Barnicle was unconvinced:

Do you really think that we are not in there in nearly full-force, as far as we can go with full force right now? Do you really think we have no spotters on the ground right now? Do you think the President of the United States should have gone on TV last night, saying, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do ISIS, now start taking take notes, because here’s what we’re going to do’? Of course we’re in there.

“We’re not in there in any serious way,” Kristol replied.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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