Surprise! Leaked Footage Reveals Sean Hannity Vapes Hard During Segment Breaks?

Here’s something surprising: Sean Hannity’s on-set routine between segments includes vaping, hydrating, and intense back-scratching.

In the somewhat uncomfortable 40-second video above, tweeted out by actor Harry Shearer, the Fox News anchor can be seen on a break during his evening broadcast.

After throwing to a clip, he looks down at his desk, before pulling out one of those weird e-cigarettes that is made to look like an actually cigarette, and takes a hearty drag.

Hannity then exhales through his nose, takes a swig of Poland Spring water, and does a remarkably intense reach around to do something to his back, before resuming the “we’re live” position.

But while it’s gripping to watch, behind-the-scenes Hannity has nothing on Lawrence O’Donnell, his fellow anchor over at MSNBC, who spends his off-camera time in a decidedly more batshit fashion.

[image via screengrab]

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