Surreal Fox News Interview with Woman Suing Airline for Not Waking Her Up

The story of 36 year-old Ginger McGuire is strange enough already. She fell asleep aboard a 1 hour flight from DC to Philly, where she remained asleep for 3 more hours in a locked, empty airplane. She’s suing United Airlines for not waking her up when the plane landed.

What’s even weirder, though, is the interview she gave to Fox News’ Jane Skinner. It plays like one of those too-long, one-joke sketches they stick into the last half-hour of Saturday Night Live. (h/t Hot Air)

The knee-jerk reaction here might be “Hey, buy an alarm clock and STFU!” However, there’s no question the airline was wrong to lock her in the plane, and the security concerns this incident points up are serious. What if, instead of a sleeping passenger, that crew had left a terrorist saboteur aboard that plane? There’s really no excuse for their conduct.

Having said that, McGuire doesn’t acquit herself well in this interview, which plays like a sketch based on the premise that she still hasn’t woken up. Before you’re too hard on her, though, anchor Jane Skinner poses a ridiculous comparison that might stump a fully alert person, likening this incident to a train rider missing a stop.

Skinner also does a lousy job of adjusting to her somnambulent interviewee, as her follow-up questions only confuse McGuire more.

Another great detail from this story is that, when she woke up, Ginger McGuire checked the time on her cellphone, but didn’t think to use it to call for help. She paced the plane for about 15 minutes, until the cleaning crew found her. It doesn’t even appear that she snagged an extra bag of peanuts in that time-frame, which probably saved her a counter-suit.

I’m no lawyer, but it looks to me like McGuire is going to have a hard time proving significant harm, so her prospects of striking it rich here are probably dim. Hopefully, though, the airlines will be a little more careful about who, or what, they leave on their planes. On the bright side, Ginger’s story could be a great jumping-off point for a kick-ass sequel to Snakes on a Plane.

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