Survivor: One World Recap: ‘Another One Bites The Dust…’


I gotta admit, with a title like, “Thanks For The Souvenir,” I really had no idea what was to come in this episode. I don’t like to watch the teasers at the end of the show – I prefer to be royally surprised, and that I was! Tonight’s episode was definitely a shocker, in more ways than one. It began with the Manono tribe returning from tribal council where Christina quickly realized that she was the odd man, err, woman out and the only person unaware that Monica would be blindsided. Colton says Christina would have more luck making an alliance with a hermit crab. Colton and Alicia continue to basically laugh in her face and rub salt in the wound. They are just being plain cruel here, and it’s unnecessary. The mistreatment of Christina continues into the night when Alicia refuses to give ‘C’ room in the shelter to sleep saying, “I don’t really care because you’re going home soon.” She genuinely sucks. I really can’t believe a human would act this way. Everyone remember Naonka? Alicia makes her look good!

The following morning the Salani (Green) tribe wakes up and Kat shares a dream (or rather, a nightmare) with the group where Alicia actually killed her while she was shopping in the mall. Foreshadowing? Ha! I wouldn’t put it past Alicia!

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We All Scream for Ice Cream!

When the two tribes arrive at the challenge, Manono is surprised to see Monica has been voted out. Sabrina actually thinks that the men are picking the women off one by one … little does she know that Alicia is actually very much a part of that plot. In the reward challenge, the Survivors will be playing for…wait for it….ICE CREAM!!! Why didn’t we have this? That’s amazing-ness. During the challenge, each member has to climb a structure of blocks and at the top, bounce coconuts off a trampoline, catapulting them into a series of targets. Jeff‘s commentary was amazing during this entire challenge, especially when it came to Alicia. I believe the lines were as follows: “my nephew could throw it harder than that,” and “Alicia…pathetic.” I loved it. Just like that, Salani wins reward (which I also loved) and will get to enjoy an ice cream parlor, Survivor style.

The parlor is compete with all the fixings; sprinkles, cookie toppings, cherries, hot fudge, and much more! I’m watching this and my mouth is literally watering. It’s funny to hear them say things like, “I will never forget day 15,” because I remember saying that about certain days and it’s true, you never do forget them.

I have been a fan of Colton but I’m starting to realize that he is literally a “cancer” to whatever tribe he is a part of. Now, when everyone else will realize that remains to be seen. It’s definitely hard to see certain things when you’re out there, but I’m sure now, some may be second guessing their alliances with him. Christina approaches Jonas and Leiv in hopes that she can conjure up something. She explains that Alicia already has an alliance with the four girls on the other tribe, and she doesn’t so it would be much smarter to vote Alicia out. I agree and I am definitely pulling for Christina strictly because Alicia is annoying and a TERRIBLE person.

Wait, I’m confused. Just coming back from a commercial and they show Colton lying on Christina’s lap? Apparently Colton has a severe headache and upset stomach and guess who comes to the rescue? Christina. Where’s his right hand girl Alicia at? Nowhere to be found. The next day, Colton is still in pain, looks miserable and needs medical attention. Jeff and the team arrive to evaluate the situation (I LOVE DR. RAMONA – she is the coolest). Ramona fears that Colton could need an appendectomy and rules that he must be taken out of the game. The tribe is called over to say their goodbyes and how about this comment by Alicia: “Call me a bad person, but I was thinking strategy the whole time” … Ok, you’re a bad person. Jonas is visibly emotional about the situation saying that Colton is the biggest Survivor fan. I was actually touched by that. It’s definitely crazy that this is happening and even crazier that Colton decides to keep the idol that Sabrina gave to him as a “souvenoir.” Ahh, now the title makes sense :)

Immunity Challenge…Or Lack There Of

Treemail reveals that both Salani AND Malono will attend tribal council and immediately each tribe begins to speculate. Jonas, Leif, and Christina are all putting their votes toward Alicia. YES! Please stick to that!!!! Tarzan for some reason isn’t buying what “Katrina” (as he calls her) is selling. Ha! Poor Leif is left in the middle to be the deciding factor; not a good spot to be in because either way you piss someone off.

Both tribes are brought to tribal and Jeff reveals that Colton is out of the game … then after some chatting back and forth, there is NO VOTE but he drops ANOTHER bomb. WE ARE MERGED!!! When I heard him say that, I immediately got butterflies, remembering when we merged on Redemption, and how nervous I was. It is difficult to be established in alliances and have somewhat of a grip on your position in the game and then a wrench gets thrown into your plan. Yikes! Next week should make for some fun surprises…let the individual game begin!!!

Players of the Week:

1. Ramona – LOVE seeing her on the big screen…her accent and all! She rocks!

2. Colton – I’ve had my appendix out and I know how painful the symptoms can be..the fact that he toughed it out through the night says a lot about how much he tried to overcome the pain to stay in the game.

3. Jonas – He’s starting to make some headway in the game; I think Tarzan and Leiv definitely have his back and I’m sure Christina will be sticking to him like glue going into the merge. He’s been a pleasant surprise for me.

Ashley Underwood was a participant on the CBS hit reality show, Survivor: Redemption Island, and finished as the third runner up. Beyond reality TV, Ashley is a former professional basketball player, former Miss USA contestant, and a registered nurse. Check out her website at, and follow her on Twitter at @AshleyUSurvivor.

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