Survivor: One World Recap: Changing Tides


When the girls return to camp, they are finally relieved that Troyzan is gone for good. I thought the women would pounce on Kitty Kat as soon as they got the chance, but Kat was actually the one to bring up Troy’s final words to her. Why oh why would you bring that up? If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have said anything – maybe only to Kim who is obviously in charge, but nothing like putting the bulls eye MAJORLY on your back. (I love her, that’s why I’m saying this…I AM ROOTING FOR HER!) Alicia approaches Kim with her first good point of the game in that Sabrina is a GREAT talker…if given the chance she could win over the jury with her ability to relate to others and draw people in. It’s an amazing characteristic to have, but in Survivor terms, its lethal. Christina on the other hand, no one respects or feels that she deserves to be there – so she could definitely be used as the goat to get to the end. But ok, easy Alicia, let’s not get carried away…”the power player in the game?” …come on, we all know that title rightfully belongs to Kimtastic!

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Sprint! I love you!

I can’t even deal with this episode right now…instant tears! This was BY FAR the best day I can remember of my experience on the island. It’s an indescribable feeling that even now, I get goose bumps and tear up at the thought. My mother was able to spend the day with me in Nicaragua…see where we slept, ate, and lived for 39 days. I’ll never forget what it felt like to finally have someone there who I could trust whole-heartedly and that I knew loved me so much. I cry every time I see this episode now, because I know how they are feeling. Chelsea, Christina and Tarzan’s messages from home in particular made me emotional. Chelsea and Christina’s messages were from their dads and there’s something so special between a daddy and his little girl. With Tarzan, his wife was the CUTEST and you can tell how in love they are – so inspiring.

Strategy Schmategy

Ok geez, Christina and her dad are adorable, and his story is amazing! Tears, tears, tears. Tarzan and his wife? Seriously? I hope this is how I feel after 30 years of marriage…absolute true love! The challenge consists of each castaway pairing up with their loved ones in which they must work together to get through a series of ropes while being attached to each other as well as the rope. Kat and her cousin Robby are up ahead neck and neck with Chelsea and her dad, Kim and her sister. In the end, Kat and Robby are the ones to pull it out! Kat chooses Kim and Alicia to join her on the reward. MAJOR MISTAKE. Almost immediately, Sabrina turns to Tarzan and says “It should have been you…” and you can tell that everyone else feels the same. Even Kim, who was chosen, agrees that the move was very selfish on Kat’s part. I get that Kat was staying loyal to her alliance, but I think it would have been smarter to take Tarzan and Christina – especially since it seems that it was a no-brainer with the rest of the tribe. While enjoying the reward of food and margaritas, Kim takes a moment to confide in her sister and feels that Kat and Alicia are her best shot to win the million dollars. Back at camp, Sabrina is going OFF about Kat’s decision and it’s looking like Kat has a GIANT target on her back. Man, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – things change SO quickly in this game!

Scrambled Eggs

Kim is pushing for Sabrina to go home and heading into the immunity challenge, she knows she will never feel safe if she doesn’t have the immunity necklace around her neck. (Foreshadowing?) For the challenge, the castaways will be standing on a ledge over the water and gripping a handle behind their backs. The handle is attached to a winch – every time Jeff lowers it, it becomes that much more difficult to hold on. Yikes. I bet these people are thinking “Should have done more push-ups, kickbacks, or tricep pulls before this show.” Ha! My money is on Kim or Chelsea – but we’ll see how this one pans out. On a side note, Jeff is having way to much fun cranking this thing! Love him, haha! Ironically, Sabrina is the first person to drop and Kim, Alicia, and Kat look at each other with a huge smile. Kat and Kim battle it out, but in the end, Kim wins her second individual immunity in a row and Kat sulks on the sideline. Wahhhh…not a good look.

Kat’s not-so-brilliant quote of the night, “to lose to someone’s who’s 28 years old?” …wait what? Kat come onnnn! Help yourself haha…

Leading up to tribal there are two main names being thrown around, Kat and Sabrina. Neither one of them believe that they’re going home so a blindside is a comin’!

At tribal, it’s all about Kat’s decision NOT to choose Tarzan and Christina to bring on the reward. Chelsea points out that Kat always uses her age as a crutch and excuse. I do kind of feel bad for Kat right now, because it seems like everyone is on her right now and she looks completely shocked. It doesn’t stop there though, because she is COMPLETELY blindsided when she is sent home. Blindsides are fun when you’re a part of one, but not on the receiving end that’s for sure. I thought Kat did an amazing job and she totally grew on me as the season went on! She should definitely be proud for hanging this long!

Players of the Week:

1. Kim – once again, she’s the woman!
2. Tarzan & His Wife – TRUE LOVE always wins out J
3. Chelsea – She’s right up there with Kim and playing at a very high level!

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