Survivor: One World Recap: It’s All Perception


Returning to camp, Tarzan says that he and Troyzan are in a “hopeless situation,” while Kim feels totally in control. It’s her understanding that the women feel “married” to their alliance…which they most certainly are. Up to this point, Kim has played an almost perfect game, and if she is to make it to the end, it would be very difficult for her NOT to get jury votes in my opinion.

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The Height of Paranoia

The reward challenge is apparently all about “perception.” They will each answer questions about each other, and whoever gets them right, can cut the rope of each survivor dummy suspended above flames. The first castaway that get three ropes chopped, will be out of the competition. What kinds of questions are these?…”Who’s the biggest poser?” … come on, I’m sure that production could come up with something better. Also, “who do you hope to never see again after the game?” Well that’s not awkward. Oh wait, that’s actually the WORST. I think I would have said Phillip at the time, actually I don’t think, I KNOW I would have said Philly, but it’s totally not the case when all is said and done. The people that you end up keeping in touch with are sometimes those that you can’t stand on the island. Anyway, back to the challenge…prior to, Kat and Kim had promised to take each other on the reward, but when Kim won – she decided to bring along Alicia and Chelsea. Yikes. Kat was not pleased, to say the least. The girls take off to enjoy the helicopter ride and it looks pretty amazing as I’m sure it was. I got to take an hour chopper ride over San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua and it was absolutely one of the coolest things I’ve every done. So amazing, you can’t even put it into words.

Troy is back at camp planting seeds and doing a emmy-worthy job. Paranoia is a serious drag…and you can tell Kat is definitely feeling it right now. Sabrina, of course, is the voice of reason trying to ease Kat’s mind. Sabrina explains that Kim knows who her marqui players are and those she can trust she sent back to camp (being Sabrina and Kat). When Kim returns, Kat does not let her down easy at first refusing to even talk to her. Kat’s biggest fear is being viewed as a weak player and starts to entertain the idea of voting out Kim. Hmm..interesting turn of events. Things can change in an instant, and just because I said that Kim had played a perfect game earlier, all of that can be out the window with one bad decision. Day 29, although rainy, turns out to be a plentiful day when a pig comes strolling through camp. This was a pretty entertaining scene actually…and the background music was amazing. Bravo, production.

Slide To Victory

This was a killer challenge and I’m sure the Survivor pervs out there loved it too. It consisted of the girls lubing up to race down a giant slip in slide. Along the way, they had to grab a ring and once they made it to the platform, toss the ring hooking it onto pegs. The first person to hit the target, would move on to the next round. Chelsea, Kat, Tarzan, and Kim ended up winning the first time through. The girls are ecstatic when Troyzan loses, congratulating Tarzan for beating him. Kim and Chelsea move on to compete in the final round where they must now hook three rings. Just on a side note, Kim looks ridiculously skinny – like, scary skinny. Anyway, Kim goes on to win her first individual immunity at a time when she might have felt was crucial for her.

Back at camp, Kat is sick of listening to everyone else, specifically Kim who says that they should split the votes and put two on Christina and the rest on Troy, since he may have an idol. Alicia never ceases to shock me. This quote is the worst yet however when she says “I’m a special-ed teacher and I handle Christina like she’s one of my students…” Wow…I’m speechless. I was watching this episode with three of my friends, and the looks on their faces along with their dropped jaws told me that I wasn’t crazy for thinking the way I do about her. Anyway, I don’t want to give her any more time, so moving on. Come tribal council, Jeff of course brings up the reward challenge. He, like Troyzan, is also great at getting into people’s heads and under their skin. Well done, Probst, well done! Troy makes one last ditch effort to rally the girls and flip some votes.

Come vote time, it’s pretty unclear what the verdict will be. Troyzan and Christina seem to be the two names that have been thrown around, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty. When the votes are read, Troy becomes the fifth member of the jury. On his way out, he does something very interesting before heading to get his torch snuffed. He bends down, puts his forehead against Kat’s and says, “do it!” I’m sure this got the girls questioning what that meant, and all Kat can do of course is giggle. Not sure what he meant by doing this, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about this next week…

Top 3 Players of the Week:

1. Kim – Sorry, she takes EVERY slot this week. Reward Challenge
2. Kim – Immunity Challenge
3. Kim – Running the show…brilliantly.

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