Survivor: One World Recap: ‘Let The Back-Stabbing Begin’


I know I know, how could I allow one of Alicia‘s quotes to be the title of this weeks blog post, right? For lack of anything better, there you have it. My apologies. I was expecting the first episode post-merge to be MIND BLOWING! Man, was I wrong! Maybe I was hoping for some sort of evil blindside (not as evil as when Matt was voted out the 2nd time, by the same people, myself included) but something that would at least make me raise my eyebrows a bit. Instead this episode was just sort-of “ho-hum.” I do love that the opening montage is back, where they show the remaining 12 contestants for a few seconds each. I think this part is so monumental for the show and something that everyone misses when it isn’t there. I’m glad it’s back!

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Now that the two tribes have merged and are back to “one world,” they must come up with a new name and Troyzan suggests “Tikiano” which means, “year of the God.” Everyone seems to go along with it, but I’m wondering if that’s REALLY what Tikiano means. Everyone remember when Boston Rob suggested the “brilliant” name Murlonio, which supposedly meant “of the sea” or something like that? Well, it was really just a joke between him and his wife, Amber. Yes, we are all suckers. I wonder if this is the case here. I’m sure we’ll find out in due time :)

Some food from the merge feast is being cooked up by the resident chef, Jonas. “Caramelized coconut with a dash of salt to make the taste more of a potato” … umm, what? Yes please! I would have loved having Jonas around. He didn’t seem to mind being the provider and cook for the tribe, and of course, the others didn’t mind eating his creations! All we could come up with on our season was flour mixed with water to make some sort of disgusting pancake that we spread avocado on. I don’t think we would try that at home…that’s strictly a “survivor meal.” Tarzan tries to make himself a cup of coffee but Jay swiftly puts a stop to it saying “you can’t have any, you didn’t win this.” I guess it’s no longer guys vs. girls … it’s definitely Salani vs. Munono. I think this sets something off in Tarzan, because he almost immediately runs to approach Mike in order to secure some sort of alliance, saying that the guys should stick together and use Alicia as their pawn. Mike agrees with the plan, but turns around in a confessional and says otherwise. I’m not quite sure if Mike knows what’s going on or not … he’s kind of hard to read and figure out and hasn’t gotten much air-time. We’ll see if there’s a brain behind that physique in episodes to come, I’m sure!

A Secret Note

The reward challenge was different because right away, Tikiano was divided into two teams of six. One member at a time will have to race through a series of obstacles, underneath beams in the sand and dig to uncover a bag of puzzle pieces. The final two members of each team will race to solve a puzzle. Winner gets PIZZA & BEER! Now, I don’t even drink beer, but I’m sure at that time, anything would have sounded amazing especially pizza! That was definitely something that we craved and would talk about often so I know how much these people probably wanted it! The orange tribe, consisting of Jay, Chelsea, Sabrina, Alicia, Christina, and Troyzan got off to a great start with Jay catapulting them from the get-go. Leif (the smallest member of the blue tribe) got literally stuck in the first obstacle and Jeff spouts out an amazing line saying “Leif is like a turtle birthing under the sand.” Haha! I love Jeff!! The blue team, Kat, Leif, Mike, Kim, Tarzan, and Jonas start making up time thanks to Mike whizzing through the obstacles. It was pretty even when it came time to solve the puzzles and Jonas looked like he was about to pull it out for the blue team. Tarzan was supposed to be helping him, but come on, we all know he was no help at all. Jonas even says, “you can start working at any time, Tarzan!” Haha, this made me laugh. The orange team ends up winning and gets to enjoy pizza, beer, and each other’s company (as good or bad as that may be!)

Alicia reads the “secret note” aloud to the team which reveals that there is an immunity idol back in play. Chelsea suggests they keep this information for the six of them, giving them a better chance of finding the idol for themselves. Everyone seems to agree.

Free Agent

Back at camp, Mike tries to talk to Jonas about the plan that Tarzan shared with him (guys sticking together and using Alicia), which Jonas apparently seems to be clueless about. He is furious with Tarzan for not consulting with the alliance first prior to approaching Mike. He’s definitely a loose cannon and reminds me of someone from my season (who shall remain nameless! HA!) After Tarzan calls Jonas a “confused a-hole” and Jonas says he’s tired of his “BS,” Tarzan says he’s dropping his allegiance and is now fair game! A free agent I presume? This could be interesting for the others, should they choose to use Tarzan as a pawn in this game to get to the end. It’s worked many times in the past!

I just have to say this, Tarzan is a plastic surgeon? Wouldn’t you want your doctor or surgeon to have their stuff together? He looks a mess; unorganized and disheveled are not the traits I would want in someone holding a scalpel near my body! Just sayin!

Early Bird Gets The Idol

Troyzan rises early before the rest of his tribe mates in search of the idol. Low and behold, he finds it hanging from a tree. He’s starting to look really good and like one of the power-players in this game. He appears to be well-liked, can hold his own in the challenges, and now he has an idol? Watch out! He is definitely a major threat!

The first individual immunity challenge we have seen before…on my season actually. The survivors must balance a ball on top of a disc in their hand while in turn balancing on a perch. Not an easy task, let me tell you. I should have done more yoga before Survivor, because balance is not my strong suit! I hated this challenge. Jeff’s commentary throughout was amazing. I’m sure you can use your imaginations as to why it was so funny. I’ll just leave it at that. In the end, Troyzan wins (see, he’s a threat!) and is safe from the vote at tribal.

It’s Not Poop, I Swear

After returning from the challenge, some scrambling ensues. Salani clearly wants to vote together and Jay suggests that Jonas be the first to go. This is met with some hesitation from the others however, because he is a very valuable member around camp. Jonas cooks, provides, and has a positive attitude, which in a social game is very important. After the argument that he had with Tarzan, he tries to make amends by apologizing, which almost bring Tarzan to tears. They decide that Kat should be targeted by them considering she doesn’t do much and is overall kind of annoying to be around. I could see that.

Next comes one of my favorite moments, because its just too real. Chelsea and Sabrina are boiling their clothes and doing laundry when Tarzan brings his underwear over to be washed. Apparently there was some sort of brown stain in “the area” that was noticed which causes Tarzan to say “it’s not poop, i swear, it’s just dirt!” What is it with men and their gross panties! (sorry, Phillip – you’re included in this even though I love you!) Why do the women have to wash and hang them and do the crappy work (pardon the pun?) Please, take care of your own banana hammocks! I can’t deal! Chelsea is thoroughly annoyed which leads her to suggest that maybe Tarzan should go home because he doesn’t deserve to be there.

At tribal, Chelsea makes a push for Jonas saying that he a valued member and has a great attitude. Tarzan, on the other hand, she refers to as “dead weight.” The argument between him and Jonas resurfaces as well. Keep in mind that whoever is voted out because the first member of the jury. Everything that is said from here on is extremely important. Jeff reads the votes, and Jonas becomes the first member. On the way out, he tries to shake Tarzan’s hand saying “no hard feelings man.” Like an IDIOT, Tarzan replies, “hard feelings to you!” COME ON, TARZAN! Help yourself! Not a smart thing to say to a jury member, right? Wow.

This episode was kind of boring for me. What did you all think? Who was your ‘player of the week’? Look below to see the 3 that I have chosen!

Top 3 Players Of The Week:

1. Jonas – I was pulling for him; He was a smart player and one of the only guys who had a clue what was going on.

2. Troyzan – Emerging as a power player. Good in challenges, smart, and has an idol; watch out for this one.

3. Chelsea – I like her grit. She doesn’t just sit back an enjoy the show…she is definitely one of my favorite girls this season – I just hope that her, Sabrina and Kim can stay together and weed out the others! Lookin’ good girl!

Ashley Underwood was a participant on the CBS hit reality show, Survivor: Redemption Island, and finished as the third runner up. Beyond reality TV, Ashley is a former professional basketball player, former Miss USA contestant, and a registered nurse. Check out her website at, and follow her on Twitter at @AshleyUSurvivor.

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