Survivor: One World Recap: Million Dollar Wings


The morning after tribal, Jay shares with the group that he had a dream that he was shot. What is it with these dreams? First it’s Kat, now Jay. I don’t get it, they need to meditate or something before bed. Tarzan approaches Troyzan about getting the girls out. For once he shows that he has an inkling as to what is going on; the girls are gunning for the men. Then again, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Troyzan has an immunity idol and he vows that he may have to use it soon.

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BBQ Delight

At the reward challenge, Jeff is nowhere to be found – so we are left with Troyzan narrating the whole thing. Poor thing. Hey CBS, if you were hurting for a host I would have gladly filled in, you could have just called! Ha!

Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea, Christina and Leif drew the blue rocks and Troy, Jay, Alicia, Kat and Tarzan drew the orange/red. They had to toss a ball attached to a rope at a structure with different tiers that represented a certain amount of points. (not a great description, so check out the video on mmmk?) Tarzan’s team comes away with the victory (very boring challenge), and they get to enjoy a BBQ on a secluded island. He seems to be ecstatic, saying that they have “decent looking crab, color wise and architecturally….” Umm what?! Ha! Love Tarzan so far this episode…not so much the underwear though! Come on!

Jay reveals to Kat during the reward that he is upset that Mike got sent home. He can see the writing on the wall.

Big Girl Panties

Back at camp, Kim is calling the shots. She talks with the girls about targeting Troy and Jay, but Chelsea is struggling with this since she has built some trust with these guys. I’m telling you, Survivor is a crazy game. You build strong, genuine friendships with people and then you have to turn around and stab them in the back. It’s hard to look people in the eye and lie to them. I had to do it with Grant and I hated every second of it. Sabrina brings us back to reality however when she says (referring to Chelsea) “pull up your big girl panties and make a big girl decision!” Man, this girl is dynamite right? Love her!

Jay approaches Kat about voting off Alicia, then brings Chelsea, Sabrina, and Kim in the mix. They all agree to it, but of course are planning otherwise. Chelsea is still apprehensive. It will be interesting to see what she decides to do at the end of the episode.

Food…Damn Temptress

At the challenge, the castaways are instructed to hold their arms above their heads as their hands are chained to a bucket containing water. The first to drop their hands, are out. Tarzan drops his hand about zero seconds into the challenge; didn’t really understand how that happened exactly. Jeff immediately tempts them with food…the worst! Sabrina drops out for two sugar cookies and milk. The next thing he tempts them with are cupcakes and Kat and Kim drop out. Alicia is the next out for a bowl full of candy…finally, one thing Alicia and I have in common is a sweet tooth :)
I love and respect that Chelsea wouldn’t give up immunity for the food even though she knew she was safe. She probably could have, but I admire that she was willing to fight no matter what. Jay drops out for chicken wings and beer which was a dumb move considering how vulnerable the men are right now. I love Jeff, but does he really have to personally walk the food up to them as they’re standing their competing and starving? When all is said and done, Leif forfeits the win for some cheeseburgers, and Chelsea wins immunity.

After their return to camp, Chelsea says that Troyzan is the biggest threat, but Kim is worried that he’ll pull out the immunity idol. Just in case, the girls decide to split the vote because Troyzan seems to be catching on to the girls plan.

On a side note, what on EARTH is Tarzan wearing? A red one-shoulder shirt? To my knowledge, that’s Monica’s shirt, but really, is it necessary? Yikes!

Tribal council is basically lots of talk about the immunity idol. I don’t really ever know what to write about tribal… It’s just a lot of banter between Jeff and the castaways and all I really care about is the vote. Just as the girls thought, Troyzan plays the idol and Jay is voted out. How do those wings taste now? (I really am sad to see him go tho…sweet, sweet person and extremely likeable).

Top Players of the Week:

1. Kim – once again, she’s it for me! She is running the show and seems to have it under control. Anxious to see what it starts to look like when the girls have to eat their own.

2. Troyzan – for sensing disaster and using the idol at the right time. Every day you survive to see another is a small victory – congrats.

3. Chelsea – once again, I loved that even though she was safe, she kept fighting and wanted immunity. Gained a lot of respect this episode.

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