Survivor: One World Recap: Word To The Wise – You’re Never Safe


The episode begins with Jay and Troyzan discussing the current numbers situation. Jay makes the point that the next vote 100% has to be a girl and I think he’s right. The women have a 6-5 advantage over the men as it is, which is already dangerous territory for the men to be with. Right now they are trusting Kim, Chelsea, Kat, and Sabrina, but as we all know, this is Survivor and alliances can change like the wind.

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Yummy Rewards and Girl Domination

Treemail comes for Tikiano with a scroll tucked into a glass 7-Up bottle and already, you can see the excitement on everyone’s faces. FOOD! It’s amazing how much just the sight of something related to food can give you hope and lift your spirits. At the reward challenge, sure enough they are playing for a chance to visit, as Jeff dramatically calls it, “a 7-Up oasis” complete with burgers, steak, key-lime pie and ice cold 7-Up of course. Obviously, the first thing I think of is nice brand integration for 7-Up and how much did that cost? Ha! And Jeff cracks open a bottle allowing them to try it? I know it’s survival mode and everyone drinks from everyone, believe me, I did it – but for some reason it’s making me sick to watch this. You never know what’s being passed around nowadays. Yuck! Moving on…the two divided tribes must battle it out by racing down a giant water slide, then sprinting to the ocean to retrieve a large puzzle crate and bring it back. Once all seven crates are back to the platform, the team will work together to solve a puzzle. The two tribes are as follows…for the green we have Kat, Jay, Troyzan, Alicia, and Chelsea taking on Leif, Kim, Sabrina, Michael, and Christina…Tarzan is sitting out. The challenge looks like so much fun and props to the team at Survivor for putting this together – it’s really a phenomenal structure! The two teams are neck and neck the entire time, but the green tribe is the first to return to the platform and begin to work on the puzzle. When they think they’ve got it, the yellow team comes from behind to win! Before they sat down to eat, Sabrina said a really touching prayer which I thought was an awesome moment in the show. Another awesome moment in the show was when Kim pulled Sabrina aside at the reward wanting to discuss strategy. It’s obvious that these two girls know what’s going on and Kim proves that even more when she suggests targeting Mike by yelling Troyzan that Mike is campaigning to vote him out. Kim is definitely playing at a high level right now.

Back at Tikiano, Tarzan is chewing on a piece of wood and everyone else is talking strategy. Ha! He kills me. Troyzan and Jay suggest voting out Christina next, of course since they want to make the numbers even again in the worst way possible. Kat quickly shoots down that idea saying they must eliminate a threat and that should be Mike. The conversation is interrupted when the others return to the beach bearing gifts…bringing the leftover 7-Up to the others. They are really lucky because normally we aren’t allowed to bring anything back from rewards…production is really strict about that for whatever reason.

Chronicles of an Awkward Surgeon

Day 22 brings a storm, which is miserable for everyone, but Tarzan seems to be making it worse. I’m now convinced that Tarzan and Phillip are related. It all makes sense now! Kidding…but really, Chelsea hits the nail on the head when she says “the most educated people have no common sense”. I see this on a daily basis as I’m sure many of you reading this do as well. Tarzan proves her statement to be true even more when he says the reason Chelsea doesn’t like him is because he’s a plastic surgeon, and she’s had surgery, therefore she must have had a bad experience with her surgeon. Wow Tarzan, you’re a rocket scientist…that MUST be the reason…not because you’re annoying, clueless, or have dirty unds. Get a grip!

Kim starts planting the seed of doubt and paranoia in Troyzan’s mind when she mentions that Mike is gunning for him (a complete lie). This could be the smartest move she’s ever made or the dumbest…all the two men have to do is TALK. But we all know that sometimes, it doesn’t happen (case and point, my season!). Oops! Anyway, it seems to be a success because Troyzan is all riled up.

Puzzle from Hell

The immunity challenge is yet another balancing act when each castaway must race across a ladder bridge while moving a bag of puzzle pieces along a twisting rope. The first four to reach the finish will move on to the second round where they must solve a complicated puzzle. Jay, Kim, Troyzan, and Alicia all move on to the final. Ok, whoever created this puzzle is from the devil! I would have looked like a complete moron solving this thing, so props to Jay for winning this challenge! I’m impressed by this guy…well done!

Blindsides and Famous Last Words

The scrambling ensues back at camp and the girls continue to plant seeds of doubt with the men, especially Jay and Troyzan. Everyone is questioning their alliances at this point and no one is safe. Oh no, Mike said the famous last words…”I love a good blindside because there’s no scrambling, everyone can just relax…”. Damn…I feel bad he has no idea what’s about to go down. At tribal, Jeff brings in the first member of the jury, Jonas. It’s always fun to see the people on the jury come back because they’re clean, cleanly shaven, and look happy now that they’ve got food in their stomachs. I have to say on my season, I was most surprised when Grant came back because he looked so thin and shaved his enter beard off! It was wild to see. Jeff asks the million-dollar question (excuse the pun) “who here feels like they could go home tonight?”. And not a single person raises their hand. We had a few of those my season, and it means only one thing…someone is about to be played! Sure enough, Mike has to eat his words because he’s officially made the second member of the jury, and even Jonas is shocked by these turn of events. What an episode! A lot went on this week; alliances were formed and broken, and the end game is always in the forefront of everyones minds.

Who do you think has the control? Who must make a move next week if they want to have a chance?

Top Players Of The Week:

1. Kim – this girl is a G! She’s got a brain inside that pretty little head and he’s using it. Looks like there’s a new Queen in town!

2. Jay – props to him for winning the immunity challenge and conquering that awful looking puzzle! Better you than me my man!

3. Troyzan – I still think he’s got a firm grip on what’s going on – but he has to make a move soon if he doesn’t want the girls to run this game any more than they already are!

Ashley Underwood was a participant on the CBS hit reality show, Survivor: Redemption Island, and finished as the third runner up. Beyond reality TV, Ashley is a former professional basketball player, former Miss USA contestant, and a registered nurse. Check out her website at, and follow her on Twitter at @AshleyUSurvivor.

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