Sweets For Sanders: Bernie Aids Colbert in Vending Machine Mishap


Just one day before the state-wide primary in West Virginia, Senator Bernie Sanders made a surprise cameo in the cold open for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night. Hoping to galvanize some more voters at the polls, the bit was aimed at reminding people that, “we’ve got a real shot to win,” in the Mountain State.

The segment featured the host getting his hand stuck in a vending machine while trying to pine for a lodged candy bar — a 100 Grand no less, when the self-described Democratic-Socialist comes to the rescue. As the two discuss the upcoming primary schedule, Colbert mentions the strained enemy that the Sanders camp faces: delegate math.

“But at a certain point,” Colbert says, “don’t you have to say, look, I’m not going to get the thing that I want. Look at me, I’m never gonna get my candy!”

“You’ve got to believe, Stephen!” says the populist hero Sanders. “You can’t give up on that contested confection,” he jokes further, before jockeying the vending machine to release the candy bar.

In keeping with the themes of socialist philosophy however, Sanders notes, “We came together! We did it! Now, how about we share that 100 Grand Bar?”

Despite the fact that the primary math may not be working in favor of the Sanders camp, the Vermont Senator has shown no sign that he is willing to suspend his campaign. While many have called for him to coalesce his supporters behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sanders has said that he feels like he can compete in states like Kentucky and Oregon, and is looking to continue to campaign for several weeks to come.

Watch the above clip from CBS’ Late Show.

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