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CNN’s Symone Sanders: Trump, Congress, FBI ‘Would’ve Done Something’ About FL Shooter If He Was Black

Symone Sanders had a passionate moment on Monday when she made the argument that a lot of people would’ve been more hot-blooded about the Florida school shooting if the perpetrator was a minority.

Sanders joined Bill Kristol and Paris Dennard on CNN, where Jim Sciutto asked them about the ongoing gun control debates prompted by last week’s tragedy. Kristol bemoaned the lack of action following last year’s massacre in Las Vegas, and Dennard pointed to Chicago in order to argue that gun control laws don’t work.

As that happened, Sanders took over the conversation by exclaiming that America would’ve already moved well past legislation debates if the shooter was black or brown.

“If he was yelling Allahu Akbar, the president would’ve been tweeting about it and [Congress] would’ve swooped in and did whatever they felt need…”

Kristol countered by asking how gun laws changed after the San Bernardino massacre, which Symone answered with “we have a Muslim ban dammit!” Kristol accused Symone of demagoguing the conversation to make it about race, but she continued to argue that “this is a pattern” of troubling individuals who slipped through the FBI’s net even though they “would’ve done something about it” if he wasn’t white.

Sanders invoked the shooter’s reported ties to a white supremacist paramilitary organization during her spiel. It should be noted that the stories about the shooter’s involvement with a white nationalist group appear to have been embellished by the leader of that organization.

Watch above, via CNN.

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