Tammy Bruce and Candace Owens: Trump is ‘Defending’ America Against NFL Protests, LeBron is ‘Ignorant Man’

Infowars disciple Candace Owens took a break from attacking “stupid, weak & inconsequential” sexual assault victims to target NBA superstar LeBron James, who she called an “ignorant man” while discussing his anti-Donald Trump comments with Fox News guest host Tammy Bruce tonight.

“Quite frankly, the way that LeBron conducted himself in that interview, and I don’t want to take away from what he did — opening the school was an incredible feat that he did — but Don Lemon got him in that interview,” Owens claimed while on Tucker Carlson Tonight. “Don Lemon was the smarter person in the room, as Trump said. Don Lemon knew what he was doing for CNN, and he wanted LeBron to say something about the president.”

She continued:

“They couldn’t have cared less about the school opening. They were there to get that five second sound byte, to say something nasty about the president and that was going to be their news story. Unfortunately, he’s brilliant on the court and he does not understand how to operate colloquially.”

Bruce went on to claim that Trump is “defending the country” against racial division by calling for the ban of all NFL national anthem protests, even though those demonstrations are meant to draw awareness to police brutality against the black community.

Owens quickly pivoted back to bashing James, though, saying, “LeBron James, he is — in this regard — an ignorant man.”

“OK, he does not understand — I’m not going to refer to him as uneducated, but I am going to refer to him as ignorant. He knows very little about politics,” she added.

Ownes then referenced a poll from Rasmussen Reports, which dramatically favor Republicans and are considered to be questionable surveys, to claim that “black support for Donald Trump has doubled since last year.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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