Tammy Bruce and Tucker Carlson Rip Critics of Melania Trump’s Heels: ‘They Are Harpies’

Earlier today, social media lit up with reactions to First Lady Melania Trump when she was spotted wearing stiletto heels as she was leaving to go visit Texas to survey the damage from Hurricane Harvey. At the top of tonight’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson brought on talk radio host Tammy Bruce to discuss the matter.

After claiming that the many media outlets and pundits claimed Mrs. Trump’s shoe choice was proof that she was a “modern day Marie Antoinette,” Carlson then asked Bruce to weigh in with her thoughts on the criticism and whether it sounded like a “war on women.”

Clearly, a lot of sexism going on there,” Bruce responded. “Do you know what it’s really based on? They are harpies. They are jealous and envious.”

After praising the First Lady for always dressing appropriately, Bruce went on to say that those who criticized Mrs. Trump “just want to drag other people down.”

Bruce would also agree with Carlson that Melania Trump appears to be exempt from Hillary Clinton’s rule that when you attack “one woman, you are criticizing all women.”

“I think that, of course, they are being hypocritical and they say that when it works for them,” Bruce stated, with Carlson adding that he feels like it’s “definitely situational feminism.”

The two would end the segment going after CNN for its attempted interview with a Harvey flood victim that ended with the woman yelling at the reporter for placing a microphone in her face.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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