Tampa Mayor Criticizes GOP Campaigns: ‘This Has Been Nothing More Than A Mud Fest’

On Tuesday’s Early Start, CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin welcomed Bob Buckhorn, the Democratic Mayor of Tampa, Florida, to speak about the Republican National Convention, which will be held in Tampa this summer.  Mayor Buckhorn is excited for the revenue the convention will bring to the city of Tampa; however the same can’t be said regarding the anticipated speakers at the convention. Buckhorn expressed his discontent with the campaign strategies of both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. When asked about the effectiveness of Romney’s campaign, Buckhorn said:

“I think it’s been effective in the sense that he’s been able to tear down Gingrich and stop the momentum. But in terms of participating in the democracy and elevating the debate, this has been nothing more than a mud fest. I have yet to see one commercial that says what either one of these candidates want to do for America. All I hear is nonstop what they don’t like about the other guy. That’s unfortunate.”

Sambolin then asked about the popularity of the two candidates in Florida.

“Well, I think clearly Governor Romney’s lead is increasing,” Buckhorn responded. “It’s not because he’s offering an alternative vision to President Obama. It’s not because he’s offering a hopeful message. I think he’s only increasing his lead because he’s saying more bad things about his opponent.”

Watch a clip of the video below courtesy of CNN:

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