Tapper Calls Out Trump: ‘Equating Brutality and Despotism With Leadership’ Isn’t an American Value


Earlier, we posted about Glenn Thrush of The New York Times asking White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer if President Donald Trump has “a thing with these totalitarian leaders?” Thrush was referencing previous compliments Trump gave Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein, as well as the recent White House invitation extended to Philppines President Rodrigo Duterte.

Spicer punted on Thrush’s question, saying that the Duterte invite was extended only because of the urgency of the North Korea situation.

But Monday on The Lead, Jake Tapper picked up where Thrush left off, harshly criticizing the President for his complimentary words and actions towards various totalitarian leaders around the world.

Tapper zeroed in on Trump calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a “smart cookie” in an interview on Sunday.

“Kim Jong Un had his uncle murdered,” Tapper said. “That does not make Kim Jong Un a smart cookie. That makes him a murderer.”

Tapper added, “Equating brutality and despotism with leadership, that’s not an American value.”

And then the CNN anchor invoked the words of Ronald Reagan:

“Our creed as Americans is that these rights — these human rights — are the property of every man, woman, and child on this planet. And that a violation of these rights anywhere is the business of people everywhere.”

“Whatever happened to that?” Tapper asked.

Watch above, via CNN.

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