Tapper Confronts Jen Psaki: Is It a Failure of Obama’s That White Working Class Turned to Trump?

tapper-psakiCNN’s Jake Tapper squared off with White House Communications Director Jen Psaki and started off by asking her why President Obama would be doing into normally blue states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Psaki said the president is just reminding people in important states what’s at stake in this election.

But given the kind of popularity Trump has amassed with many people, Tapper asked if part of it is due to a failure on the president’s part:

“It’s quite obvious that white working class voters seem to feel abandoned, in large numbers, by Washington D.C. In any way do you see the fact that so many of them––this constituency that used to be a Democratic constituency so many years ago––the fact that they have turned away and they are looking towards Donald Trump, is that in any way a failure of President Obama and the Democratic party?”

Psaki pointed to how well Obama did with white working class voters in his two elections while lamenting how the election has been “shaded by dark and gloomy predictions of where the country’s going.”

Tapper also brought up Bill Maher‘s recent mea culpa about how the left treated past Republican nominees to ask Psaki if Democrats brought themselves to this point “by painting previous Republican nominees as scary extremists when they were not.”

Watch how Psaki responded in the video above, via CNN.

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