Tapper on Report That Stephen Miller Thought His Trainwreck CNN Interview Went Well: ‘Lol’

Picture this: You’re on CNN with Jake Tapper and you frantically repeat yourself about how President Donald Trump can come up with amazing ideas while he’s on a plane, and you’re interrupted by the host because you’ve “wasted enough of [his] viewers’ time” and then escorted off CNN premises because you were belligerent in the aftermath of the segment. Successful outing, right?

That’s how presidential adviser Stephen Miller felt after his explosive interview with Tapper on The Lead, according to a new Washington Post article on the subject.

Upon reading this, Tapper simply tweeted “Lol.”

The responses to the tweet were overwhelmingly positive:

The Post article, which is something of a character study on Miller, also says that the adviser “has few hobbies outside of work, and his spacious second-floor West Wing office is sparsely decorated, with a stack of ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and invitations to inauguration events framed on the wall.”

Watch part of the Tapper/Miller interview above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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