Tapper on Trump Confirming He’s Under Investigation: ‘The President Becomes His Own Leaker’

At the top of The Lead today, CNN anchor Jake Tapper touched on President Donald Trump’s tweet this morning in which he basically confirmed that he was under investigation for obstruction of justice. In doing so, he also sarcastically noted Trump’s tendency to rail against “leakers.”

“Episode 148 in which the president becomes his own leaker,” Tapper stated. “President Trump now tweeting that he’s under investigation for potential obstruction of justice as even his lawyer looks for a lawyer.”

The CNN host reiterated this point, highlighting that whether the president meant to or not, he had confirmed the earlier reports that he was now being investigated.

“Whether he meant to, whether he even knows he did, today President Trump tweeted what seems a clear confirmation that he’s being investigated for potential obstruction of justice,” he said.

Tapper went on to highlight Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s strange statement claiming that stories based on “anonymous allegations” couldn’t be trusted, pointing out that Trump essentially undermined his underling with his tweet. And, in fact, his tweet seems to throw Rosenstein under the bus.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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