Tapper Rips ‘Loathsome Dual Loyalty Smear’ Against Vindman: Would Rather Impugn a Decorated Vet Than Address His Testimony


CNN’s Jake Tapper opened his show Tuesday excoriating the Trump defenders — including CNN contributor Sean Duffy — attacking Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the latest witness in the impeachment inquiry. Vindman’s opening statement says he was concerned about the president’s Ukraine call and reported it to a superior.

Duffy today has been receiving a lot of criticism, most notably from his own network colleagues, for questioning Vindman over his “affinity” for Ukraine given how he is an immigrant.

Tapper reviewed Vindman’s background — he’s an Iraq war vet who received a Purple Heart — and remarked, “If you think Vindman being a decorated war veteran would make the president and his supporters more reluctant to smear him, well, then you have not been paying attention.”

Tapper called out Rudy Giuliani for engaging in a false and “loathsome dual loyalty smear.”

As for Duffy, Tapper remarked upon how the former Congressman “smeared Vindman having allegiance to Ukraine and not to the country that Vindman literally fought and bled for — the United States.”

On Sunday, Tapper called out the attacks on diplomat Bill Taylor after his testimony on the Ukraine scandal. Today Tapper said it’s clear the president and his defenders “would rather impugn decorated veterans such as Vindman and Taylor than address the substance of their testimony, which alleges President Trump and his team essentially were extorting Ukraine and corrupting the national security apparatus of the United States in order to help President Trump politically.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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