comScore Jake Tapper Throws Birtherism at Rudy Giuliani's Trump Defense

Tapper Shuts Down Giuliani’s Argument Trump Doesn’t Lie: ‘Was Barack Obama Born in the United States?’

CNN’s Jake Tapper seemed to throw Rudy Giuliani off his game on Sunday when he froze the former New York City mayor’s attempt to defend President Donald Trump‘s history of struggling with the truth.

As the two engaged in a heated discussion on Robert Mueller‘s report, Giuliani argued that former White House lawyer Don McGahn was “confused” when he told Mueller that Trump asked him to fire the special counsel on his behalf. Tapper countered that was McGahn’s interpretation of what Trump was telling him — saying McGahn has testified under oath while the president has not.

When the CNN anchor noted that Trump has “a history of lying,” Giuliani tried to come up with a retort, but Tapper preeminently cut him off.

“Was Barack Obama born in the United States?” he asked.

Tapper continued to note Trump’s “long history” of false and untrue statements, to which, Giuliani spun away by bringing up Obama’s infamous “you can keep your doctor” line about the Affordable Care Act. Giuliani continued to say it would be “really crazy” to use “disputed arguments about politics” as a mark against Trump’s honesty for the sake of a criminal case.

Watch above, via CNN.

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