Tea Party Leader Suggests To Fox News That Boehner Should Step Down Over Debt Talks

In the event that you’ve missed cable news coverage of the Tea Party’s political impact of late, you can rest assured knowing that the current debate over the debt crisis has brought them back into the spotlight. In the midst of what seems like the thousandth iteration of negotiating backs and forth between the House GOP and the White House, at least one faction of the Tea Party has expressed serious doubt in the leadership of…Rep. John Boehner! (Wait, What!?) Tea Party Patriot leader Jenny Beth Martin appeared on Fox News’ America Live to tell host Martha MacCallum that, in the eyes of her Tea Party group, Boehner simply isn’t getting it done.

The ongoing debate over the debt crisis has brought intense pressure on political leaders of all stripes, but the Democrats (and President Obama) seem to have been the sole recipient of intra-party squabbling as a result of compromising with the other side of the aisle. Well, not any more, now that the Tea Party is vociferously expressing its disenfranchisement with the leadership of the House GOP, going so far as to suggest he should step down.

Perhaps this is the first positive sign of real compromise between both sides in this stalemate? As Maureen McGovern belted out, “There’s got to be a morning after!”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Fox News:

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