Tea Party Leader Takes On Chris Matthews: ‘It’s Not Our Job To Make The Deal’

Chris Matthews welcomed to his show Mark Meckler, the co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, in order to learn what it might take to satisfy the Tea Party and avoid a government shutdown. The debate got a little feisty, especially when Matthews didn’t like Meckler’s response and he yelled “can you answer a question, did you go to the Michele Bachmann school?”

Matthews suggested to Meckler “it may be that you’re in charge of the United State government . . . you guys are calling the shots.” However, Meckler responded “it’s not our job to make the deal, our job is to reflect the American people.” Matthews didn’t like how the Tea Party was negotiating, by basically being unwilling to compromise, yet Meckler kept reminding Matthews that the Tea Party and the Republicans are not one and the same. When Matthews asked about Republican policy riders to stop funding planned parenthood and certain EPA programs, Meckler demonstrated his differences with the GOP by stating that the “Tea Party Patriots have not taken a position on those, and we’re looking for fiscal responsibility. The riders are something the Republicans are pushing for their base.”

Meckler argued that even if there is a government shutdown, there still should be funding provided to the military and that social security checks should still go out as well. This allowed Matthews to conclude that “deep down” Meckler is truly a politician.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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