Teamsters President Jim Hoffa Urges President To Fight Harder, ‘Wipe These People Out’ In 2012


Teamsters President James Hoffa came out swinging on Friday’s Morning Joe, urging President Obama to fight harder for working people, stop pandering to people who won’t vote for him anyway, and if all else fails, take the fight to the American people in 2012 and ” wipe these people out.”

In the end, though, pressure from organized labor will only push the President so far, as Hoffa acknowledged. “Where are we gonna go? Support Rick Perry?”

Hoffa summed up much of the Democratic base’s disappointment over a series of the President’s negotiations with Republicans, in which Obama has begun negotiations (on the Bush Tax Cuts in December, the government shutdown in April, and the debt ceiling threat) by offering concessions, and gotten little, if anything, in return. “He’s got to draw a line in the sand. He can’t get rolled over again.”

He went on to say that, if the President can’t get Congress to budge, he should take his case directly to the American people. “There’s going to be an election in ’12, and maybe the answer is, we wipe these people out.”

Hoffa also suggested the President make better use of his time and travel, criticizing his recent Midwest bus tour. “He was out there talking to the farmers, I gotta laugh at that. Do you think the farmers are gonna vote for him?”

Instead, Hoffa  wants the President to “Come back to Detroit. He should be going to Wisconsin,” where Democrats succeeded in recalling two state senators last month, or “to Ohio, where we’re repealing SB5,” a law that restricts collective bargaining rights for public workers.

“He learned that there’s no middle ground,” Hoffa said, noting that “there’s no appeasing these people.”

But in the end, there is little that the Democratic base can do to persuade the President to abandon his strategy of reasoning with the unreasonable. As Hoffa said, “Where are we gonna go? Support Rick Perry?”

Perhaps not, but if President Obama can’t inspire the kind of energy he did in 2008, or that anti-Washington Republicans are now, a lot of them are likely to sit this one out.

Here’s the clip, from MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

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