Tears Of Joy: Shep Smith Gets Emotional Over Passing Of 9/11 First Responders Bill

Shepard Smith has definitely taken the lead in calling out the primarily Republican Senators who have, until today, appeared to block the passing of the First Responders bill that allocates additional health care resources for those individuals first on the scene on 9/11. Today the bill passed, and emotions got the best of Smith while reporting this story in a way that reminds viewers why he is among the very best in his game.

Smith’s reporting on this story has been nothing less than a tour de force, picking up the baton in a relay started by Jon Stewart last Thursday (in which he dedicated nearly an entire episode of The Daily Show to this issue. Smith followed up the next day asking Senator’s “how do they sleep at night,” then following up with critical commentary towards Republicans who had opposed the bill and calling out Senator Tom Coburn by name.

Smith’s coverage was so strong that it even earned the rarest of rarities in the hyper-partisan rivalries of cable news: praise from another network. Last night Rachel Maddow gave a specific shout to Shep Smith in a way that gives one hope for the future. Could the harmonic convergence finally be upon us!

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