Ted Cruz Complains About Getting ‘More Questions in Two Days About Mitch McConnell’s Health’ Than Biden’s ‘Obvious Mental Decline’


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) complained on Newsmax about getting “more questions in two days about Mitch McConnell’s health” than he had ever received about the “obvious mental decline” of President Joe Biden.

After being asked on Wednesday by host Carl Higbie about McConnell’s health, and his colleague’s first speech in the Senate since his second freezing incident last week, Cruz said, “Well listen, the two recent health scares that Mitch had, those were concerning, obviously. Um, I’ve been praying for him, Heidi’s been praying for him.”

He continued, “I’ll tell you this, Mitch is stubborn as a mule. He and I have disagreed on a lot of issues, but he’s been in the Senate a long time and I’m hoping he comes to a full and speedy recovery.”

Cruz went on to complain:

In the last 48 hours, without exaggeration, I probably have gotten upwards of 50 to 75 questions from the Capitol Hill reporters all about Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell, and to all of the reporters I just can’t help but laugh, and I say, ‘I’m curious, why have I gotten more questions in two days about Mitch McConnell’s health than we’ve heard in two-and-a-half years about Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline?’

Joe Biden has his finger on the nuclear button, he’s the Commander-in-Chief, and none of the Capitol Hill press wants to address the very serious mental infirmities, not to mention more than one Democrat senator who has very significant health issues as well, and yet the press has utter and complete silence on those issues.

The senator appeared to be referring to 90-year-old Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who has received calls from both Republicans and Democrats to resign after multiple reports suggested that she was frequently confused.

Watch above via Newsmax.

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