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Ted Cruz Ducks Question on Trump’s Rhetoric: ‘I Wish He Would Say Things Differently’

Sen. Ted Cruz avoided directly answering PBS’s Margaret Hoover’s question about President Donald Trump’s rhetoric and whether it goes over the line.

Instead, the Senator and former presidential hopeful simply said that he wished the president “would say things differently.”

In a preview of her interview with the Senator, Hoover asked Cruz if she thinks Trump’s racially charged remarks “hurt his chances to be re-elected.”

Cruz did not answer directly.

“The president regularly says and tweets things I wish he didn’t say,” Cruz replied.

Hoover, though, did not let Cruz off the hook, pointing out that based on what the senator just said, Trump “will have a hard time getting re-elected.”

“Look, I wish he would say things differently,” Cruz replied with a sigh. “I don’t have the power to change that.”

Cruz then said what he can do is fight for good policies.

“I’m going to take it as yes,” Hoover then said as Cruz continued to talk on.

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