Ted Cruz: ‘If I Were a Leftist, I Would Love Barack Obama’

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As part of Meet the Press’ new “Meet the Candidates” partnership with Facebook, Chuck Todd posed this question to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) from a viewer: “What issue or issues that you’ve voted on in the Senate would it most surprise people to know that you are actually in philosophical agreement with President Barack Obama, and what do you most admire about President Obama?”

Cruz avoided answering the first part of the question — perhaps because there is nothing to which he could point — and instead offered President Barack Obama some partially-backhanded praise.

“I admire that he’s a true believer,” Cruz said, noting that he rejects the notion that the president has “bad motives” for his policies. “I think he believes in all of his heart in his principles, I think he fights for them, relentlessly.”

“If I were a leftist, I would love Barack Obama,” the senator continued, “because he has advanced the left-wing, progressive agenda more than any president in history.” That being said, Cruz explained that he finds those ideas “profoundly dangerous” and have “hurt” millions of Americans. “But I admire that he stands and fights for his principles,” he added.

Now that Cruz has admitted that “leftists” have plenty of reasons to love Obama, he has to hope there aren’t enough of them out there eager to elect Hillary Clinton for the president’s de facto third term.

Watch video below, via NBC:

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