Ted Cruz: If Needed, ‘We Should’ Use Ground Troops to Fight ISIS

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) does not believe the U.S. should deploy ground troops to fight ISIS. But if the Peshmerga fighters cannot effectively counter ISIS, Cruz said, American soldiers will have to finish the mission.

“I don’t believe right now we need American boots on the ground, and the reason is we have boots on the ground already with the Kurds,” Cruz said on This Week. “The Peshmerga are trained, effective fighters. They are close allies of us.”

Cruz also went after the Obama Administration for not effectively providing the Kurds with weapons, and instead “shuttling it all to Baghdad,” which has been slow to get the weapons to the Peshmerga. He called for the direct arming of Peshmerga troops, but acknowledged there might be a need for U.S. ground troops in the future.

“Look, we need to accomplish the mission, and the mission should be defeating ISIS before they succeed in carrying out more horrific acts of terror, before they succeed in murdering Americans,” he said. “If need be, we should go that step, but it should be driven by the mission.”

Cruz also expressed his overall dissatisfaction with the “Obama-Clinton-Kerry” foreign policy of “leading from behind.”

Watch the video below, via ABC:

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