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Ted Koppel: Why Did Libya Win The ‘Humanitarian Defense Sweepstakes Of 2011?’

There is still no consensus amongst liberals or conservatives whether President Obama should have used military action in Libya. Lining up on the side of those critical of Obama is the BBC‘s Ted Koppel who wonders of all the countries worldwide that face a potential humanitarian crisis, why do the citizens of Libya deserve America’s focus and protection more than the citizens of any other country?

Koppel argues that many countries throughout the world have had much greater civilian loss than Libya, including the Congo, Sudan and the Ivory Coast. Therefore, Koppel asks, “why it is that Libya, of all countries in that region, has won the humanitarian defense sweepstakes of 2011?” Koppel says it’s a simple question, yet one that neither Obama nor anyone in his administration has been able to answer.

If Koppel’s displeasure with the Libyan strategy wasn’t clear enough, later in the show he suggests, “we know for a fact that Gaddafi is a bad guy, but we know very little about the people who seek to replace him.” In fact all we do know, according to Koppel, is that a disproportionately high number of the Libyan rebels aided Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Koppel clearly needs a lot of convincing that this was the right strategy, and maybe Obama’s speech tomorrow night to the nation can begin to aid in that effort.

Watch Koppel’s comments from Meet the Press below:

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