Ted Nugent Defends Trump: He Wasn’t Being Ambiguous, He Condemned ‘All Violence’!


Ted Nugent was one of the guest specialists on Fox News Specialists this afternoon, and he rather strongly defended President Trump‘s statement condemning “all violence”:

“I’m going to go ahead and say the most controversial thing in the world, and if you find fault with this, you’re brain-dead. All lives matter and we condemn all violence. Those are bad words? Why are those bad words? What planet are you from? We condemn all violence. That’s what President Trump said. And all lives matter. If you don’t agree with that, you’re a racist!”

“Violence and hate came from all and many sources and we condemn them all,” he cries. “That’s ambiguous? That’s ambiguous?!”

Eboni Williams shot back that “all sides” did not kill Heather Heyer, saying that when this goes to court “that will not be ambiguous.”

But Nugent still said, “All violence is condemnable. And it came from many sources.”

At one point Timpf went back to the President’s comments and said, “If David Duke and Richard Spencer are praising the approach to racial issues, maybe you’re taking the wrong one.” Guest host David Webb shot back calling that “intellectually dishonest.”

Nugent said, “Anybody can attach themselves to anybody and it doesn’t mean it’s accurate.”

Williams argued that this isn’t the first time people like Duke have tried to infect the GOP, but other leaders like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush unequivocally condemned him.

Timpf insisted to Webb and Nugent minutes later that she’s being the intellectually honest one:

“I’m just trying to keep things intellectually honest here. And I know if this were President Obama and this were an Islamic terrorist that was driving a car into people and he had responded with ‘All violence is bad. Let’s condemn all violence,’ many of the people that are condoning President Trump would be flipping out over this. So I just want people to understand what the word consistency means.”

“In those instances of tragedy,” Nugent responded, “the perpetrators were specific and individual. In this there were many. There were many that fanned the flames.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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