Ted Turner Talks About Old Pal Lou Dobbs Going To Fox Business…With Fox Business

Ted Turner has a wide range of interests, so it’s fitting that his conversation with Brian Sullivan was wide-ranging. After discussing solar power, job growth, and the gold standard, he touched upon his former CNN employee and “good friend” Lou Dobbs, who recently signed with Fox Business. He had mainly good things to say, though did acknowledge that Dobbs “was a little over the top on the immigration issue while in his last days [at CNN].”

Wondering why “at CNN” is bracketed? Well, I’ll tell you anyway: Turner momentarily forgot which network Dobbs last worked for. This may seem odd (Turner, of course, founded CNN), but it’s a testament to the revolving door of cable news. As Turner said himself, “It’s hard to keep the players all straight with free agency.”

Watch the media mogul offer his thoughts on a diverse host of topics in the Fox Business clip below.

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