Teen Shooting Sensation Tears Into New Maryland Gun Regulations On Fox

Fifteen year old Sarah Merkle became an overnight sensation in conservative and libertarian circles when she delivered a scathing rebuke of new Maryland gun legislation at a public hearing. The competitive teen shooter soon found herself making her way to national television with an appearance on Fox.

Fox News host Gretchen Carlson praised the teen during an interview calling her a “special example” because of her desire to obtain a scholarship through competitive shooting to go to college. The teen said she is worried about a provision in the new law that makes it very difficult for Maryland residents to move their firearms in and out of the state as they choose. The new provision is particularly problematic for her because she shoots and trains at a range just over the border in nearby Maryland.

During her remarks at a public hearing on new Maryland gun laws Merkle noted that Illinois gun laws are extremely strict but somehow you’re more likely to be killed in Chicago than Afghanistan. “Further restricting guns will not stop criminals from using them,” she said.

“Guns are not needed for mass murder and robbing American citizens of our rights to own them won’t solve anything,” said Merkle, the Secretary of the Maryland Rifle Club.

Watch clip below via Fox:

Watch her appearance at the public hearing below

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