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Teleprompter Mishap Ruins Fox News Airport Security Story On Thermoses

Earlier this morning, the folks over at Fox News had a bit of teleprompter mishap that completely disrupted a news story. Of course, while some might see this as just another example of the hazards of live TV, we see it as a Christmas miracle! Who wants to learn about how terrorists are going to hide bombs in coffee thermoses when the holidays are here? Clearly Santa Claus, himself, came down and broke the teleprompter. Call it “America’s War on Bad News!”

The incident happened while Steve Centanni was reading Homeland Security’s statements on how insulated beverage containers could be used to hide explosive devices and, thus, would go through extra scrutiny. Midway through it, he stumbled over some words as the teleprompter apparently stopped and then went back too far.

Quoth a nation sick of hearing about how much more unpleasant air travel will be: “Thank you, Santa.”

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